Okay, somebody had to do it! In honor of Father's Day, here are a few 'Dad Jokes' to make you feel all fuzzy inside. Those one-line zingers that had you rolling your eyes and begging dad to stop like these not so-funny gems:

How do you make a Kleenex dance? You put a little boogie in it.

I’m here all week folks. Remember to tip your servers.

It's Father's Day weekend and we This is for all the dads who never knew how not funny their jokes really were. Ever wonder where the 'Dad Jokes' term came from?  How did we get here? Here's what the experts say:

- A dad joke is usually a one-liner also known as a zinger

- The pun is always intended

- At its core 'Dad Jokes' are corny

- You don't need to be a dad to crack a 'Dad Joke'

- You'll never one in a stand-up routine

- They are so not-funny

It seems no one knows how 'Dad Jokes' got started or who decided one-liners should be named after dear ol' dad. Whatever the case, the name stuck and Dad is the bud of the joke. Hopefully, some of these jokes will tickle your funny bone!

This Father's Day, hug Dad or call him up and let him know you love him. If he is no longer here, smile and reminisce about all the sweet memories that you shared. While you're celebrating Dad, watch some of your favorite stars compete in the Dad jokes challenge.

The objective is to tell their best Dad jokes and try not to laugh! Warning: This is hilarious! Happy Father's Day!

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