Tonight everyone all over the world is awaiting the debut of the new biopic "The New Edition Story" on B.E.T. Unfortunately, unless you are a satellite user, you won't be able to check it out locally. Although I am sure that it will be available at your local barbershop by the end of the week.. lol.

While everyone is excited about the movie coming out, It takes me back down memory lane when I bought New Edition's first album. I remember going to Art's Record Mart downtown and buying the tape "Candy Girl". When this was first released I was only 10 years old, but  I had been hearing  the song all over the radio and was anticipating buying it to listen until the tape broke if I could.

While I knew about Michael Jackson, I didn't grow up listening to The Jackson 5, so I guess you can say that New Edition was my Jackson 5. Now unlike today, you couldn't hit a button and have it automatically skip to the next song. You could hit the fast forward button on the tape deck, but you would have to wait for awhile to get to your favorite jam. So I listened and from the beginning track I was hooked. Some of my favorites were "Popcorn Love", "Jealous Girl", "Is This The End" and or course "Candy Girl". This was I believe the first time you would hear rapping and singing in the same song.

While the guys would go on to make more albums in the near future and eventually go solo and release albums individually. The release of their biopic brings back to many memories. I am sure that this will be one of the biggest autobiographical type movies in years. Now we have been fooled  and possibly disappointed by Lifetimes take on movies about Aaliyah, Whitney Houston and VH1's take on the mega selling group TLC. With B.E.T taking the reigns and getting great talent to head the movie. I believe that we will be in for a treat. Check out the trailer for the movie and also the video for my favorite song from New Edition "Candy Girl". Make sure you tune in tonight at 8 pm or hit the barbershop this weekend.


"The New Edition Story Trailer":


New Edition- "Candy Girl":

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