Chance The Rapper's indomitable run in 2016 has been fueled by his mixtape, Coloring Book. After captivating souls with a flurry of feel good records, the Chicago kid is hoping to snag a Grammy nomination for his efforts. To bolster his chances - no pun intended - while gracing the cover of Billboard, he decided to post an ad on the magazine asking for consideration for next year's Grammys.

While donning some beige overalls and his signature Chance 3 hat along a white background, he simply posed the question, "Hey, why not me?" The simple but poignant tagline should help his chances considering The Grammys are now considering streaming albums for contention moving forward.

Billboard's Senior Editor Frank Digiacomo seemed to be on-board with Chance's unorthodox approach. "Like everything he does, @chancetherapper's Grammy consideration ad in the new @billboard is not like the others," he tweeted this past Tuesday (Oct. 11).

Chance replied back to Digiacomo by saying, "Yea at first I was like "people take out Grammy ads??? Why? that seems lame." Then I was like "oooooh 😱 I'm gonna make a bunch of these😏."

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