When you tell someone that you are from Louisiana you can almost always expect the next question out of their mouths to be about either food or music. Most of us are well versed enough that we can speak eloquently on either subject for as long as someone wants to stand and listen.

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While I don't know too much about music, at least making music, I can now say I am a char-grilled oyster expert. If you've never tried char-grilled oysters I'd suggest that you do. It might be a great way to get past the biggest issue most people have with oysters, namely the texture and the fact that they're raw.

I have always loved slurping oysters on the half shell and I have been quite partial to char-grilled oysters too. The reason I don't treat myself to those dishes that often is the simple fact that preparing oysters is a lot of work.

That's where one of the greatest inventions of this century saves the day, or at least the meal for me. It's the make it at home meal kit. You've seen them advertised for regular food from places like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, or a number of other businesses. Well did you know there are businesses in Louisiana that make, sell, and ship ready to grill oyster kits?

I have recently experienced the joy of at-home oyster grilling and let me tell you it is wonderful. The kits feature fresh Gulf oysters that have been pasteurized for shipping and sale. The oysters are shucked and displayed on the half shell ready for grilling.

Robert Rheault via YouTube
Robert Rheault via YouTube

What comes next is the seasoning. The oyster kits that I have tried in recent weeks have included flavors like Garlic Parmesan, Onion & Bacon, Cajun BBQ Butter, Andouille Cream Cheese, and Roasted Jalapeno Cheddar. The kits come ready to grill.

In fact, the hardest part for me was taking them out of the package. But once you've got that done all you have to do is make sure the compound butter or sauce is positioned on top of the oyster and then it's ready for the grill.

How easy is it to grill oysters at home? It's this easy.

Yep, that's my grill and that's me cooking char-grilled oysters like a pro. There are a few places that offer char-grilled oyster at-home kits. The one that I have had great success with is the Bayou Carlin Oyster Company. They're based here in South Louisiana and they get their oysters from right down the road in Delcambre.

The other cool thing about these at home oyster kits is that you can have them shipped all across the country. What a time to be alive. No more will displaced Louisiana residents have to long for one of their favorite tastes. The char-grilled oysters are coming home.

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I will say the addition of char-grilled oysters to any cookout scenario instantly kicks the level of the party up by more than a notch. These oysters only take a few minutes to prepare. They add an air of elegance to your gathering. And, cleaning up after you've polished off a dozen or two is as easy as throwing the shells away.

In fact, the only trouble you might have is if you need to open a jar of your favorite dipping sauce. Not that you'd need it for these oysters but in case that jar has been in the back of the fridge for a few months here are some hints to help you get it open.

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