The Breakfast Club is one of the most talked about and controversial shows on the radio. Everyone is tuned in and listening to see who is going to be the next big guest on the show. Also everyone who is a fan of the show knows that Charlamagne The God has been taking shots at Drake for several years now by talking about his skills on the mic and more.

Earlier this year, Drake actually sent Charlamagne bottles to drink to the radio station to coincide with the release of the single Back To Back that has him taking shots at Meek Mill. The Breakfast Club minus Charlamagne The God and a picture has hit the internet with Drake and Charlamagne The God together. This is actually their first time meeting, and it was at the Summer Sixteen concert with Drake headlining along with Future and other big stars. The e

It shows how unloyal some of Charlamagnes biggest supporters I think it showed that they can work together and do what they need to do to take out the competition. Anyone who knows radio can definitely say that this was a power move on both of their parts. They both have a following and seeing them hang out together is a big thing for sure.

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