We are down to four teams. Yep, the NFC and AFC championship games are coming up this weekend, and the winners of those games punch their tickets to Superbowl 55 in Tampa Florida.

The Green Bay Packers host Tampa Bay while the Kansas City Chiefs host the Buffalo Bills for a chance to advance to the Super Bowl.

One local business, Allstar GMC in Sulphur, is getting into the big game spirit with this new hilarious commercial put together by General Manager Charlie Wayne and his staff that will make you smile today.

Leslie, who works at Allstar Buick GMC, is pumped up about the game. In the commercial, you see different Allstar employees working when, out of the blue, Leslie takes them out with a football tackle.

The guys she is taking out are some big fellas, but she takes them down like a champ. Check it out.

How funny is that? The guys and gals at Allstar Buick GMC are really super folks and all from the Southwest Louisiana area. General Manager Charlie Wayne moonlights as a performing and recording artist, and he is really a great guy and singer.

Maybe in the next commercial Charlie will sing to us. We will have to see, but I wanted to say good job, Allstar. Thanks for the laugh.

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