These past few days it has really felt like Fall across Louisiana. The crunch of the leaves in the yard that I was supposed to rake was a reminder that the chill of winter won't be too far down the road.

Thanksgiving is next week. That means the week of November 20th will be a busy one. It could also be a very chilly one if the long range weather forecasts hold true. We could be seeing some of the coldest air of the season in the days leading up to Thanksgiving Day.

This shouldn't mean any frozen precipitation by any means but some sections of our state could see frost warnings at the least. Temperatures along the Gulf Coast and I-10  could drop into the upper 30's during that time frame. Temperatures along the I-20 corridor could approach the freezing mark during this same time span.

After some very warm days to begin the month of November the temperatures have settled into a more seasonable pattern. The outlook is that this seasonable trend will hold for the remainder of the month.



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