Chris Brown continues to be haunted by a 2014 night at Los Angeles club 1 OAK that ended in gunfire as another victim of the shooting has filed a lawsuit against the singer, claiming his gang affiliations led to the dangerous incident. Ginja Elms is suing Brown for damages in excess of $750,000 for damage inflicted by the gunshot wound sustained as well as "disruption in his relationship with his wife," TMZ reports.

This new lawsuit is similar to the one filed by Suge Knight in late June in which the former Death Row boss accuses Brown, who was hosting a party on the evening in question, as well as the club owners, of having such lax security that at least one armed person was able to enter the venue. Knight was shot seven times that night and is seeking a judgement in which the defendants will be ordered to pay past and future medical expenses.

Knight is currently in jail awaiting trail on a hit and run incident that left one dead, and his attorneys say that the fear instilled into him following the 1OAK shooting led him to flee when he was attacked in his car. What’s more, Knight has cited complication from the injuries sustained that night, which include gunshot wounds to the abdomen, chest and left forearm.

When a judgement is eventually made, it's likely that Brown will win or lose both lawsuits at once.

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