Ciara who has had a hell of a year from dating rapper Future, having his baby and then finding out that he was cheating. Well she is back and from the looks of it, a bad breakup did her some good. Check out the song "I Bet" which is indirectly dedicated to Future.


Ciara- "I Bet":

Ciara has really been embracing motherhood and from the looks of it, she has really gotten her body back right and will be hitting the stage pretty soon in concert. While we have for the most part only heard one side of the story, it's sad to think that Future would mess up what seemed to be a good relationship with someone who loved him. I am hoping that they will be able to do the joint parenting thing for the sake of the child.

Ciara will be releasing her new album #jackie sometime later this year and the album is named after her mother. Props to the homegirl for doing her thing musically and I am sure "I Bet" is just a tip of what is to come from Ciara.



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