Its funny how things really seem to come back in full circle. Who knew that after working together on a couple of songs a few years ago, would lead to the possibility of a relationship brewing between Ludacris and Ciara. Well amonst celebrities rumors are nothing new and there seems to be another room on the board.

According to reports, Ciara and Ludacris are an item right now. The rumors started after the songstress and the rapper were spotted at a nightclub together. Apparently, Luda and CiCi were out and about the next morning to pose for pictures, too.

Ciara and Ludacris have yet to confirm or deny anything.

This isn’t the first time the two have been linked together. Back in 2008, reports claimed the duo were dating until Ciara dropped him for 50 Cent. Allegedly.

Funny enough, it wasn’t too long ago when the internet was buzzing with rumors that Ludacris had secretly married his longtime girlfriend, Eudoxie Agnan. While she was nowhere to be found as he and Ciara partied it up together in Atlanta, she was photographed next to the rapper after the singer left.

Only time will tell if these rumors are true.

Ciara and Ludacris collaborated back in 2010 on Ciara’s sexy single ‘Ride,’ as well as for her 2005 hit single, “Oh.”


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