Ciara has been taking the bad side of the story when it comes to what's going on with her and her baby's daddy. We all know that she has a child by Future. Well they are no longer together, but Future is not totally happy with her current decisions. She has been dating Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson and has been having him around her child.

She recently sat down with Gayle King and talked about how she feels like this is a double standard. She claims that she has watched his children on several occasions and it should not be a problem with her new beau being in the childs life. Check out the latest interview.


You know what they say about opinions and everyone has one. T.I. Chimed in as well as so many others. I feel like it's strictly up to the parents and if she truly reached out to no response, then what is she suppose to do. I hope for the sake of the child, they can get things together pretty soon.

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