Even though Halloween is going to be a lot different this year, the spirit of the holiday season is still there says City of Lake Charles Public Information Officer Katie Harrington. Obviously post hurricane debris will make going door to door to trick-or-treat a little harder than usual. However, parents can still navigate various neighborhoods safely and allow their tots to have some Halloween fun.

Harrington told KPLC Halloween can still be fun experience for the whole family. City safety suggestions include parents taking their little ones out extra early. Many of the cities street lights are still out, so it's best to wrap things up around 6:00 pm. Getting back home before nightfall is a good idea, because the streets are extra dark right now. Not to mention, there's still a lot of debris along the city roadways making it difficult for motorist to see people walking. Halloween costumes provide cool masks and provide the perfect protection against the COVID 19 virus. Parents are urged to bring along antibacterial hand wipes or sanitizer and prevent kids from eating candy along the route when possible. For more CDC pandemic trick-or-treat safety tips, click HERE

A little Halloween fun may be the perfect antidote to the being closed-up all year from the pandemic. There's plenty of ways to trick-or-treat safely. Parents are advised to use caution by avoiding large groups, and continue social distancing methods to prevent being infected with the coronavirus. All of these safety methods can easily be incorporated into taking the kids out to trick-or-treat. Neighbors participating in handing out candy can also keep themselves safe and provide plenty of tasty treats for Halloween goers. Some examples include placing candy in zip-lock bags, separating candy into easy to grab bundle, putting single wrapped candies in baskets so kids can grab and go with no-contact.

Happy Halloween to all of SWLA's little ghouls and goblins!

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