September 2001 was a rough year for many of us as we show something that traumatized the world. The day 9/11 is etched in many of our minds as a time when the world came together in the most vulnerable time since I have been alive. One of the most important men during that time along with President George W. Bush was Colin Powell. I was truly amazed at this gentleman as while President Barack Obama was the first African American President. Colin Powell was the first Black Chairman of The Joints Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State.

This morning with the news of the passing of this prestigious gentleman was met with serious dismay and sadness. Regardless of how you stood in politics or the party that you represented. There were times you had to at least respect this gentleman and what he contributed to society. Unfortunately, his passing is wrapped in the current political vice of COVID-19, as the news came that he passed from complications from COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. In my personal opinion, this is not the time for conspiracies or blame. This gentleman is one of ours and truly a man who did what he felt was best for his country.

His resume of positions held and achievements are what makes him som commendable. It also motivated me to not only push for larger-than-life things. But to never allow the little things to stop me from pursuing what I want to do. He will be missed and our condolences go out to his family and loved ones who have lost someone special to the. Thank you for the motivation and the life lessons that so many of us are still learning till this day.



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