Magic tricks might be the thing to get you out of a ticket, of course if the officer stopping you is into that sort of thing.

According to Youtube account PoliceActivity,

A University of Central Arkansas junior pulled over by police proved his sobriety by juggling... And it was all caught on UCA Police dash and body cameras. Blayk Puckett said he was driving home from the library on campus late Friday night. He said he was driving slow because he knew he had a brake light out. But despite efforts to avoid police, the junior with the license plate 'JUGGLER,' was pulled over.

After almost hitting a curb, UCA Police pulled Puckett over to ensure he wasn’t driving under the influence. Safe to say after putting on a quick show for the officers, he was in the clear to get back to his magic and juggling in the free world.

 What are the chances you get pulled over and have some awesome skill to get out of a possible ticket or arrest? Like my co-worker who’s an ex-police officer once pulling over rapper Juvenile in a speeding Mercedes Benz. He said after a few autographed copies of 400 Degrees, and a warning to slow down, he let him go without incident.

This tells me that I need a multi-platinum selling album, a deck of cards, and some bowling pins stored in my car for the next time I’m pulled over by the cops. Wishful thinking.

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