I think we all need a laugh and our related cities are bringing laughter for us all. Comedian and all-around lovable guy Kountry Wayne is coming to Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas to bring the funny to us all. When I first heard about it, I had already told Donald Thomas with Southern Touch that I was ready. Things are still building up here in the city and some of the facilities where most of the concerts could happen are still under construction. But that's ok because Kountry Wayne will be in 2 different cities and if you'd like, you can actually attend both.

Kountry Wayne is definitely with the laughs on stage, but he is also creative when it comes to the skits. He has mentioned that during the pandemic this was one of the ways where he was able to keep his brand relevant to the masses and now it seems like he is bigger than ever. He has done a couple of skits with a Lake Charles native Blake who has been creating a name for herself as well over the year. Here is a skit with Kountry Wayne featuring Blake.

For those who may have forgotten Blake had 106 and Park popping back in the day with "Pretty Girl Swag"



Make sure you are listening for your chance to win tickets and also make sure you download the 107 Jamz app as well. We will be giving out tickets for the Lafayette show on Saturday, October 2nd inside The Heymann Performing Arts Center. You can also purchase tickets for either show at ticketmaster.com


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