When you go to a comedy club, you can be prepared to get the jokes and sometimes you can become the joke. I have gone to plenty of comedy events and one thing I do not do is sit in the front row. The comedian in this clip is Steve Brown from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I worked with him several years ago doing the morning show on WTUG during that time.

I have seen Steve shut down plenty of clubs and I have seen moments where he left nothing to the imagination as far as content. But I have never seen anything like this. When I initially saw the video, I was highly upset that something like this could actually happen. There is suppose to be plenty of security on the premises to prevent things like  this from happening. According to Steve without being provoked a man came to the stage and wanted to fight him during his set at The Comedy House. Check out the disturbing video below.


While this was bad enough, it's truly a wonderful thing that this didn't go to another level. It could have been worse and Steve's family or the guy in the video could not be here today. I have known plenty of promoters who try to cut cost when it comes to security and when you do, these are the circumstances that you may be faced with. I am glad that Steve made it out with a few scratches but at least with his life. Check out the video below where Steve Brown talks about the incident. I am sure after this the security requirements will be at an all time high for events like this and more to come.

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