I gotta say, the Biden administration was thinking out of the box on this one. The President and his team are enlisting some of the most influential people in the Black community to help end the COVID pandemic in America: barbers and beauticians.

These are the role models, counselors, therapists, and a lot of times spiritual advisors in the Black community. So, if anyone could help advance America's efforts to reach herd immunity and finally end the pandemic, they can.

Biden teamed up with the Black Coalition Against COVID, University of Maryland Center for Health Equity, SheaMoisture Co., and more to roll out a new vaccine initiative called, Shots at the Shop.

We aren't out of the woods just yet, but this initiative will surly make a major impact in putting the pandemic behind us. Shots will be administered right there in the shops, which will expand access to the vaccine for millions of people around the country.

Lori Tremmel Freeman, Chief Executive Officer of NACCHO, said that all shop and salon personnel will also get plenty of training, vaccine info, and of course, vaccinations by healthcare professionals.

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