The Saints and Cowboys squared off last night in an absolute knockdown drag out bar room brawl. The Cowboys walked away victorious, winning 13 to 10. There were a few things that happened during the game that raised a few eyebrows for Saints fans, and now here's another one. Was a Dallas Cowboys coach really on the Saints' sideline with a cell phone? And if he was, why?

Players and coaches are not allowed to use cell phones during a game, for obvious reasons. Also, as far as I know, coaches are not allowed on the opposing team's sideline during a game, for obvious reasons.

That being said, if the above statements are indeed true, then why is a Dallas coach on the Saints' sideline, right behind Sean Payton, clearly holding an iPhone? Is this guy even a coach?

If the picture is to be believed, it came at a pretty crucial part in the game as well as you can see in the photo.

Now, I want to be clear. I am certainly not crying about the Saints losing this game. I'm not crying about questionable calls. It happens. If you're a Dallas fan, I say congratulations.

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