More info was released in regard to Virtual Learning from the Calcasieu Parish School Board today, August 10. The Back To School Guide for Virtual Students is now available for parents/guardians to explore. There are a ton of new details to review on everything from scheduling live sessions, virtual frees, virtual student and parent responsibilities, and more.

The Virtual Learning Fee of $25 is due by September 4 and the Technology Usage Fee of $20 is due before checking out laptops. Parents can pay online now here. The good news is that if a child is struggling, live online tutoring will be offered everyday from 2:00pm-3:00pm for grades K-8.

Starting the week of August 17, Virtual Teachers will start contacting their parents/students to offer instructions for virtual orientation. The orientation will be completed online and includes a variety of info, such as instructions for logging on and accessing the student's coursework. Laptops will be distributed at the school your student is registered. The laptop check-out procedures will be announced sometime this week.

More good news for parents/guardians keeping their kids home for virtual learning is new schools have been added to the existing schedule for the free school meals program. See the schools participating in the meal program below.

Calcasieu Curbside Cafeteria is being offered to all Virtual Learning students. If your child is not already enrolled in the feeding program and you would like to sign-up, fill out the meal application online here.


All parents will be notified by their child's school the day and time when they can pick up their Virtual School Supplies. The timeline is as follows:

  • Elementary School September 8-11
  • Middle School August 17-21

Students can return to face-to-face learning at any time during the grace period from August 24-September 4. After the September 4 deadline, students will not be able to switch back to face-to-face learning again until January 15, 2021.

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