You'd think as much as I say I despise the foot covering known as the Croc, I wouldn't write about them as much. You are very wrong. I am trying to display the insanity of the line of shoes that is apparently taking over everyone's life daily. We have seen spurs for your Crocs, male appendages for them, and now we get to Crocs for your dog.

Understand I am cringing as I write this. On Amazon, there is a seller who has what they are calling Breathable Mesh Dog Sandals. Obviously, Crocs are a name brand, but we know what they're trying to do here. They come in six colors including blue and pink, if you want to get real basic here. The description says they are comfortable for large dogs and small dogs, but also mentions dogs should not wear them on their feet. That is the first thing I can agree with about these dumb shoes.

Just like all Crocs, these also come with the sport mode strap in case Fluffy needs to do some hardcore car chasing in the neighborhood. You can get a pair of these plastic wastes of money for for nine bucks or a set of four for ten bucks. They do not offer them on Prime, so you'll have to cancel your beach plans with CoCo for the weekend until they come in.

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