Crowley Mayor Tim Monceaux has announced he has reversed his previous decision and has decided to allow trick-or-treating this Halloween.

Mayor Monceaux tells KATC he decided allow trick-or-treating after reviewing information given to him from medical professionals in Crowley.

In a statement, Mayor Monceaux says the decision could be changed if COVID-19 cases begin to trend upward. Monceaux will review one week prior to Halloween.

The official statement via -

"On September 29th, I made the decision to cancel Trick-or-Treating in Crowley based on the information provided to me by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Subsequently, new information has been provided and I have consulted with several medical professionals in Crowley. The number of cases of COVID-19, I am happy to discover, have been trending down in Acadia Parish and Crowley. Based on that information, I am going to retract my original decision and allow Trick-or-Treating in Crowley this year, in hopes that our children can resume some type of normalcy."


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