Mega-superstar Cupid has traveled around the world and performed his hit single, Cupid Shuffle, numerous times. The song has garnered him international praise and is, to this day, one of the most played song at wedding receptions and family reunions. However, he is still a hometown boy at heart.

He has recently been promoting the fact that he was releasing a new song called Crawfish that would show the world how much we love good old crawfish here in Louisiana. The video dropped yesterday, and it instantly made me miss crawfish boils and being out and about with family and friends during Mardi Gras.

Check out the clip below featuring Nebu, MC World, and appearances from my guy, DJ Fab.

Cupid has shown he can run with the best of them and still bring it back home for some serious fun. The video takes me back to the Chicken Run that would be here in Lake Charles and how, regardless of who you passed up, they were playing Blues, Zydeco, and eating some seasoned crawfish.

The single is available now for you to purchase, and you can play it over and over while you get your crawfish fix on.

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