Curren$y and Young Roddy get straight to the point on their new mixtape collaboration '3 Piece Set: A Closed Session.' The effort has three tracks all about three minutes long.

On the project, the duo rap over tracks decorated with soulful jazzy samples. With 'Pick N Roll,' the woodwind-focused track, the two rappers stunt about their daily doings and the usual grind of their lives.

'Can't Get Out' skillfully samples a loop of a Portuguese samba. The song features the two flowing over the boom bap beat, rapping of their ambitions.

On 'Yella Cab' the stand-out final track, Currren$y serves some wordplay around the title.  "Smoking a joint in a yella cab, leaving Saks Fifth Ave / Hella bags, bitch hella bad, tell the driver to go hella fast...," he rhymes. Less is more works for this project and it is definitely worth a listen. All three of the songs were produced by young Chicago beatmaker Thelonious Martin.

Curren$y collaborated with producer Harry Fraud on his previous EP, 'Cigarrette Boats,' released in July. He also put out two albums this year, 'The Stoned Immaculate,' in June, and 'Muscle Car Chronicles' in February. His ninth studio album, 'Immaculary,' is set to drop next year.

Download Curren$y and Young Roddy's mixtape here.

Listen to Curren$y & Young Roddy's '3 Piece Set: A Closed Session'

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