Your legs might still be sore from running around on Black Friday, but these Cyber Monday deals will have you surfing in no time... surfing the internet, that is.

It seems like the biggest trend on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is stocking up on those must have electronics and the newest technologies, but Cyber Monday is definitely more my speed. Why wait in line for hours on Black Friday for a great deal on a TV when you could sleep in and then get just as great of a deal on Cyber Monday, but you get to sit on your couch in your pajamas doing the shopping. I mean, yes, these deals could run out, so if you want a hoverboard for the holidays you better wake up early before they are all gone.

USA TODAY came out with a list of the top Cyber Monday digital deals, and I'm not gonna lie, I kind of want everything on the list. How can I pass up savings like that?

50% off Smart self-balancing hoverboard + free shipping
Was $569.99
Now $279.99
Higher grade hoverboards with Samsung batteries and a carrying case also available


But, Cyber Monday isn't just about the digital deals, you can find great savings on everything from clothes to coffee. Yes, I said coffee, if you're a fan of Starbucks you can get $25 off orders over $60 + free shipping if you order online! Check out a list of all of the Cyber Monday deals on USA TODAY's website.

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