As previously reported by TMZ last week rap superstar, DaBaby, had another run-in with the law that led to his arrest. One week after he was arrested in his hometown Charlotte, North Carolina. Shortly after Baby's performance at the Bojangles' Coliseum (Monday Dec. 23,) he was arrested and charged with marijuana possession. The rap superstar said he's harrassed by police every time he goes home and took his aggravation to social media.

DaBaby called the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) out for targeting him and told local TV station WCNC, the officers “unlawfully searched my car, arrested me.”

Tuesday December 24, CMPD announced they launched an Internal Affairs investigation to determine if officers followed proper protocol during the incident. The Grammy nominated artist was arrested and cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and resisting, obstructing or delaying an arrest, according to the Charlotte Observer. While results of that investigation are pending the rap star was arrested AGAIN, this time in Miami.

DaBaby and his crew are accused of attacking a Miami concert promoter and his associate over shortchanging him for a show. HipHopDX reports the rapper was apprehended on Thursday January 2, 2020 and charged with battery.

The promoter hired DaBaby to host a birthday party for fellow rapper, Stunna 4 Vegas, the same day. The event was scheduled to go down at Miami hot spot, Cafe Iguana Pines in Pembroke Pines. Things allegedly went left when the promoter tried to pay the $20K, instead of the $30K they agreed upon. A physical altercation involving the promoter and his associate getting attacked by a group of men was caught by a surveillance camera was released by TMZ.

During the brief scuffle the promoter can be seen on the ground and nearly lost his pants in the process. His associate was punched in the face and shortly after the men jumped in an suv and drove off. The promoter claims DaBaby and his entourage staged the attack and accused the star of taking an additional $80 more dollars out of his pocket, his iPhone, a credit card, and then doused him with apple juice.

TMZ reports Miami PD swarmed the rappers vehicle shortly after the altercation, and quickly cuffed the star and took him into custody. DaBaby wound up at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and was detained for questioning in connection to the alleged altercation. Below is footage of Miami authorities swarming the rappers vehicle.

If that's not bad enough, while in custody Miami police discovered DaBaby had an outstanding warrant from Dallas, Texas for “organized criminal activity!” So they held him with no bond until his court date on Friday January 3. The warrant stims from an altercation with a Dallas airport food vender.

Police in Texas identified DaBaby and an associate, in the attack on a food stand worker at DFW International Airport. Once the warrant was withdrawn, DaBaby was released from Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami on Saturday night (January 4.)

In case anyone was wondering, the rap superstar is all good. Matter of fact, he addressed his recent legal issues on IG a few hours ago,

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