One Memphis, Tennessee dad refused to let a worldwide health pandemic stop him from going to his daughter's graduation. He built a stage in his driveway and made sure his baby girl got a chance to walk it during her very own graduation ceremony. Gotta love it!

Gabrielle Pierce, like many grads this year, was devastated to learn there would be no graduation ceremony for her 2020 graduating class at Xavier University in New Orleans. After four years of dedication to studies, that's the worst! The event was canceled due to the governor's stay-at-home order.

Luckily, her dad, Torrence Burson, is a pretty creative guy. He told FOX13 in Memphis while comforting his daughter he told her she'd walk across a stage for her diploma, even if he had to build it himself.

He did just that. After inviting family and friends who could safely attend, Torrence Burson was able to make his daughter's wish come true. Courtesy of FOX 13, see Gabrielle's surprise graduation ceremony below:

Way to go, dad! Congratulations to Gabrielle and shout-out to the entire 2020 graduating class!

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