D'Angelo is back and made a surprise visit at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival.  The crowd went into a frenzy when the Roots ?uestlove introduced him at his Superjam session this past weekend. 

It's been a long time coming, D'Angelo hasn't performed here in the U.S. for about 12 years.  As a matter of fact, when ?uest introduced him that's exactly what he said!  ?uest said "I've been waiting 12 years to say this - ladies and gentlemen, D'Angelo!" and the crowd went crazy.

Here's some footage from the show:



D'Angelo, didn't disapoint.  He had his game tight and put it down as if he'd never had a decade hiatus.  This past weekend was his first real U.S. performance since 2000.  D'Angelo fans everywhere are gonna get much more of him in the comings weeks and months too.  For starters, D'Angelo already played live in Europe earlier this year.  He's scheduled to perform at this years Essence Music Festival in New Orleans this coming July 4th weekend and as part of his upcoming series of comeback shows the 38-year-old has been announced to appear at Jay-Z's 'Made In America' festival in Philadelphia this September.

Like I said, it's as if he never left.  He's still got it.  While performing on the Bonnaroo stage, D'Angelo and his all-star band powered through a 90-minute set early Sunday morning that included Jimi Hendrix's "Have You Ever Been to Electric Ladyland," Parliament Funkadelic's "Funky Dollar Bill," Led Zeppelin's "What Is and What Should Never Be" and The Beatles' "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window," but no new music.

After the show, when asked if he would be do in an interview, D'Angelo said simply "not yet."  As a matter of fact the only public comments he did make recently, were made in a GQ article last month.

?uestlove however, had a lot to say.  He said after the show, "I've been dreaming about this," adding that he had an ulterior motive for luring his D'Angelo to Manchester for the show.  ?uest said "I wanted him to see that, that's a green light.  Me doing it wasn't, like, running out of jam partners.  Me doing it was basically showing him, 'Look, you are so missed you don't even realize how much you are missed,' hoping that this will be the adrenaline boost that will finally get him to turn his record into the label.  It's done, it's brilliant. I played on it. I know it's brilliant. Now it's just time to let his kids go and show it to the world.  That's what I'm here for."

Welcome back D'Angelo!  Give us that album, were ready to hear it.