Eleven is the average age of the Justin Bieber loving tween.

It’s also the number of years it’s been since D’Angelo, one of the most influential artists during the neo-soul movement, released new music. That’s about to change, though, because the Grammy winner’s new album, ‘James River,’ is expected later this year.

According to Questlove, the follow-up to D’Angelo’s  last album is currently in the works. The Roots drummer tweeted from his session with the singer “most people use midnight as a time to sleep. Others are working on their 11 year followup.This of course being hour number one. #sqrntweet”.


Since the release of his last album, ‘Voodoo,’ D’Angelo — who went on to add 40 pounds to his once-lean figure –  has kept a low profile, although he has had some brushes with the law, including trying to pay an undercover cop for sex last year. In 2005, he also received a three-year suspended sentence for cocaine possession and had his license revoked for 18 months after he was busted for marijuana possession and drunk driving.

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