Dave Chappelle received $60 million dollars to create new specials to be released on Netflix. So far he has already released 4 specials since the deal in 2017.

The end of this month he returns with another hilarious special that should have critics and sensitive people alike talking about Dave. The special is called Sticks and Stones and I am sure is going to poke fun at the sensitivity of the world now. Dave has never been one to shy away from any topic and I can only imagine the things that he will be talking about. Check out the trailer narrated by Morgan Freeman.


Dave Chappelle- "Sticks and Stones" Trailer:

August 26th is going to be a big deal for Netflix as there are rumblings of things not looking to well with the company. They have been writing alot of big checks, but their subscribers have been going down. However with movies like "Dolemite Is My Name" dropping in September and Dave's new special coming out this month. I don't believe the have much to worry about.

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