Jackson State University football coach Deion Sanders has banned his players from leaving their hotel rooms in Houston following the death of Migos rapper Takeoff.

On Tuesday (Nov. 1), Deion Sanders addressed all members of the Jackson State Tigers football team in the wake of the shooting death of 28-year-old Atlanta rapper Takeoff, which took place in Houston early this morning. The NFL Hall of Famer-turned-head coach declared that since his team is currently in Houston gearing up to play the Texas Southern University Tigers this weekend, none of his players will be allowed to leave their hotel until he says otherwise. He was filmed speaking to his team during a meeting and relayed the message to them directly.

"Takeoff was murdered in a dice game in Houston. Where we're going," said the legendary NFL cornerback. "So, that eliminates all y'all leaving that hotel because it ain't happening until I give you further notice. So whatever her name is, whoever she is, parents, everybody, they gon' come to hotel to visit you because y'all ain't leaving."

Deion Sanders then continued by using Takeoff's tragic death as a motivational opportunity for his crew of young impressionable college football players. Sanders explained that despite whatever environment the young men were raised in and regardless of the people they call friends, they need to separate themselves from any potentially dangerous and negative situations.

"I'm just sick and tired of the consistency of people that are influential to you are leaving us consistently, that's our rappers," said Deion Sanders in the video below. "Sooner or later, we gotta start changing our addresses, guys. That's an analogy to say, 'I know we this, but we ain't that.' We gotta leave behind what we once did. You're not whoever you were a year ago. You're not even who you're going to be a year from now, which is a blessing. But you can't continuously do the things you've always done and expect to get the results."

He continued: "All of us are still evolving into what God has called us to be and that's change. You can not kick it with the same dudes you kicked it with. You can not kick it with the multitudes of women that you kick it with. You can not associate in the same realms that you associate with. You're going to have to change if you expect change. They can talk about you, they can mock you, they can ridicule you, they can cuss you out, they can clown you, whatever they want. But you're going to have to separate sooner or later."

From there, the Deion wrapped up his speech by once again referencing Takeoff's shooting death as a means to further drive home his point.

"I'm sad because it just seems like it's always us," added Sanders. "But we want to say, We matter,' we want to say, 'We keeping it 100,' but it's always us. Now we lose another soldier to some bull junk. That when we look back at it, the gentleman's going to say, 'Dang.' Now his whole life changes because he's now incarcerated or murdered in a consequence of what transpired. You know how the game is played and I don't want y'all playing that foolish game because y'all are valuable to your family, friends and you're valuable to all of us."

Deion Sanders' passionate address to the football players of Jackson State University follows news that broke on Tuesday that Migos member Takeoff was fatally shot during a dice game that involved his uncle Quavo and other individuals. The Only Built for Infinity Links rapper was pronounced dead at the scene while two other people were allegedly shot and taken to the hospital. As of press time, the medical status of the two unidentified victims is unknown.

See Deion Sanders Ban Jackson State Football Players From Leaving Their Houston Hotel Rooms in the Video Below

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