Hold on a minute. LSU didn't play Texas A&M in last night's Tax Act Texas Bowl, they played Kansas State. I know, I can sense your confusion. But, I can explain.

First, let's talk about the game last night. It wasn't the kind of performance that we are used to seeing from LSU but then again it was what most of us expected. The TIgers who have been depleted by a coaching change, transfers, opt-outs, COVID, and just about every other issue showed up in Houston last night and were defeated.

The final score was Kansas State 42 - LSU 20. In that game, the Tigers had a lot of players playing out of position, including Jontre Kirklin at quarterback. The senior for the Tigers has played cornerback, wide receiver, and done a stint or two in the "wildcat" position too.

In last night's Texas Bowl Kirklin threw for three touchdowns. This puts him in some pretty elite company at LSU. Only Joe Burrow and Matt Flynn have accomplished that feat in a bowl game. So, good for Kirklin who graduated from LSU in December.

Here's how the game unfolded if you didn't get the chance or were just too squeamish to watch. And we would be wrong for not congratulating Kansas State on a great game and a great season. You made your fan base proud.

So how did LSU getting beat by Kansas State embarrass Texas A&M? The Tigers did it by showing up. LSU played last night's game with only 39 scholarship athletes in uniform. That's quite a few less than the Tigers or any other big-time college program shows up with to play a game.

Another SEC school, Texas A&M faced similar issues but declined to field a team for the Gator Bowl. Instead, the yellow-bellied Aggies and their overpaid-hasn't-really-won-anything coach Jimbo Fisher turned tail and ran when faced with the daunting task of taking on Wake Forest in that game.

Texas A&M University via YouTube
Texas A&M University via YouTube

The Aggies boast of being "the Home of the 12th Man". Once upon a time that might have been true. Because apparently there was a time when an Aggie fan came out of the stands to join the football team to help them finish a game.

According to the actions of Coach Fisher, A&M should be forced to change that "home of the 12th man" slogan to "home of the available scholarship athletes". Because a lack of scholarship athletes is why A&M wussed out on the Gator Bowl. 

Now before you, Aggie fans start shooting the messenger let me tell you this. My Dad got his PHD from A&M, so did my Uncle in fact he was a professor at the university for decades. When I spoke to my Uncle over the holidays he was extremely upset that the Aggies didn't have the cajones to show up and at least make the effort in the Gator Bowl.

Meanwhile, LSU with all their distractions, an interim head coach, and a lot of uncertainty still showed up and took their lickin'. I guess that's the difference between an "available scholarship athlete" and a man. And for the Tiger players that did take the field last night. Five out of five stars would support you again.

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