Desiigner  just dropped the full audio for the song "Timmy Turner" and it's taking the internet by storm.

In short, the song is fire.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of the song since producer Mike Dean periscoped him and Desiigner in the studio working on the official mix. "Timmy Turner" has a much different feel than the popular "Panda" single, and after the XXL freestyle (in which the rapper snapped his fingers for a beat while softly 'singing' for 45 seconds), some people were skeptical. Basically, they thought he might fall into the one hit wonder category. Add in the controversy and direct sound comparisons to award-winning rapper, Future, and it was obvious that Desiigner had a little work to do to convince folks of his staying power. He needed to follow "Panda" with a banger and it seems as though he has.

Though "Timmy Turner" has a more relaxed, mysterious vibe, the overwhelming approval from fans looks to be solidifying this as his second hit. The single’s release comes right after Desiigner’s debut project New English that dropped last month. Desiigner also promised that he has a lot in store for his fans prior to releasing "Timmy Turner," so we may not have to wait much longer for more music.

Check out some of Twitter's reactions and listen to the full song below.

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