Lake Charles is known for many things, like festivals, Mardi Gras, great food, and casinos. But did you know the city is home to a five-time Guinness World Record holder? On July 22, 2022, Joshua Walker, a Lake Charles native did something no one else has ever done.

The basketball coach and fanatic broke six basketball trick-shot Guinness World Records in a single day! Mind you, he made several attempts at each record, but HE DID IT! Basketball runs through Walker's veins as both his father and uncle went to the pros. So, naturally, he played basketball all his life. From the time he was old enough to bounce a ball, starting with the Little Dribblers League through high school to playing college ball all four seasons at LSU-Shreveport.

It was during his college years that he developed and discovered that he had a knack for landing trick shots. Walker told GWR, “I realized I was getting pretty good with some of the more unorthodox shots.” He added. “We would hang around after practice and start playing HORSE or just seeing who would make the toughest shot.”

The GWR filming day took place at McNeese State University on July 22, 2022, as family, and friends looked on. That same day, Walker attempted multiple long-distance basketball trick shots and after several shots, one by one he claimed a new world record.

According to GWR, Coach Walker beat the record of Elan Lee Buller for the longest basketball shot. Two records held by iconic Harlem Globetrotter Rock “Wham” Middleton, the farthest basketball hook shot, and the longest behind-the-back basketball shot. Then GWR reports after many attempts, the Louisiana coach sank the farthest basketball bounce shot and beat the world record from another Harlem Globetrotter great, Corey “Thunder” Law!

Amazingly enough, Coach Walker beat World Records in one day. They are as follows:

1. Farthest Sitting Shot - 19.58 meters (64 ft 3

2. Longest Behind-the-Back Shot - (record broken)

3. Farthest Bounce Shot - 28.95 meters (95 ft)

4. Farthest Hook Shot - 24.38 meters (80 ft)

5. Farthest Basketball Shot - 34.6 meters (113 ft, 6 inches)

6. Farthest Backward Shot - 24.63 meters (48 ft)

I'm happy to say he nailed them all! Congrats to Coach Joshua Walker on breaking 6 Guinness World Records in one day. Below is a look at that history-making moment, which by the way, all took place at the McNeese State University Legacy Center.

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