No, it will not be anything in comparison to this picture but it's still pretty cool to see. We have quite a few waterfalls in Louisiana but the one I have heard the most about is Tunica Falls, also known as Clark Creek. This place is magical, but I wouldn't suggest it to someone who is an inexperienced hiker.

Located northwest of St. Francisville, Louisiana, you will find Tunica Hills. This place calls to all the nature lovers out there who enjoy seeing parts of Louisiana they never knew existed. The Tunica Hills Campground offers many visitors a chance to hike trails, but you can also stay in one of their many camping areas or cabins. This place is preserved in its beauty and has been kept as natural as possible. They have also labeled the trees and plants to better educate guests.

Getting to the falls will be long and might be difficult at times for someone who is not in physical condition. The campground website explains in detail what you will need to know and what you will need to bring for your hike. I strongly suggest you visit the website to understand the Dos and Dont's put into place for hikers and bikers.

It will be a challenge to witness such a beautiful site with possible black bears and canebrake rattlers roaming around. However, if you can make it to the falls, I promise you will be glad you didn't listen to TLC.

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