Diddy has been all about love recently, but the shooting death of Sacramento man Stephon Clark at the hands of the police on March 18 has the music mogul pissed.

Clark was shot to death by two Sacramento police officers on his grandmother's lawn. The authorities claim they were on the scene to investigate reports of a break-in. They confronted the 22-year-old who ran. Police fired nearly 20 shots at Clark claiming they thought he had a gun. When the smoke cleared, it was discovered he was only holding a cell phone. The shooting led to a number of protests.

New details have emerged, with a family-ordered autopsy revealing Clark was shot eight times in his back. These new details have the Bad Boy Entertainment head livid. On Sunday (April 1), Puff posted the New York Daily News cover showing the new info on his Instagram feed five times, and expressed his disdain for the whole situation.

"In his grandmas backyard!," one caption reads.

"I want the world to see!!" he noted on another. "FUCK YOUUUUU!!!!! I’m so FUCKIN MAD RIGHT NOW!!!!!" he added, disgusted.

Puff isn't the only one who believes an injustice was surely done. Vic Mensa dedicated his performance of "Now We Could Be Free" at the March for Our Lives rally to Clark. "This song is dedicated to Stephon Clark, Decynthia Clements and all the unarmed Black men and women killed by police weapons," he said, before launching into the track. "Until all of us are free, none of us will be free."

See Diddy's reaction to new details about Stephon Clark's death below.

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