Diddy's mother, Janice Combs, recently interrupted her son's Instagram Live video to express her distaste for Ma$e.

On July 23, Diddy hit up IG Live with a message of gratitude to the artists who contributed to Puff's 1997 debut album, No Way Out, in light of the classic LP's 25th anniversary. While the "Victory" rapper was giving it up to some of the key players of the "Puff Daddy & The Family" era, Diddy's mom cut him off mid-sentence when he mentioned Ma$e, who was once one of the top acts at Bad Boy Entertainment but has since fallen out with the legendary exec.

"Shout out to the LOX, Ma$e, Biggie, Busta," said Diddy in the IG Live clip posted by The Art of Dialogue. "I'm talking about everybody that's on the ... my mom said, 'Ma$e?' Yeah, we still love Ma$e. It's always going to be love."

That's when Janice Combs immediately chimed in again and could be heard off-camera saying, "It is?" When Diddy panned over to his mother sitting next to him, she doubled down on her sentiments toward the "Oracle 2: Standing on Bodies" rapper, seemingly alluding to the fact that Ma$e has recently made many negative comments about her son and his business practices.

"Mess with my son...," she continued.

While Diddy publicly maintains his respect for Ma$e and his contributions to Bad Boy's success, the Harlem World rhymer is definitely on a different type of time. This past March, Ma$e returned to the game with "Oracle 2: Standing on Bodies," a track that takes aim at Diddy, accusing the Love Records exec of improperly paying artists and capitalizing on the murder of The Notorious B.I.G.

Just about one week after dropping the aforementioned diss track, Ma$e clarified his reasoning for airing out Puff on wax in an Instagram Live video, claiming that Diddy is "ruining people's lives."

Ma$e's most recent outburst toward the Diddy came by way of an onstage rant during a botched set at the Lovers & Friends Festival in May. When the former Bad Boy rapper experienced some heavy technical difficulties at the Las Vegas music festival, he cut his performance short, explaining to the crowd that the unfortunate mishaps were the direct result of sabotage orchestrated by Diddy in a move of complete pettiness.

Diddy's Instagram Live video thanking Ma$e and other artists who appeared on No Way Out is the first time Puff has mentioned the "Welcome Back" MC by name since the onset of Betha's most recent smear campaign.

Watch Diddy's Mom Express Distaste for Ma$e Below.

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