The hype over the past few days was the anticipated release from DJ Khaled. The new album dropped at midnight and is called "Father Of Asahd" who is the son of Khaled. While there are plenty of features and stand out tracks. One of the most emotional and memorable one is "Higher".

The single features Nipsey Hussle and John Legend and I truly believe this was the last video featuring Nipsey before his murder in March. DJ Khaled spoke on social media earlier this week about how he's truly excited about the new single and his plans of donating all of the proceeds from the single to the kids of Nipsey Hussle.

Check out the video below and take a trip for under 3 minutes as we remember Nipsey Hussle.


DJ Khaled ft. Nipsey Hussle & John Legend- "Higher":

I honestly have listen to the first part of it, but couldn't get past this single. I know this will go number one and only time will tell how in the long run this will benefit Nipseys children. But I have to give all kudos to DJ Khaled for what he is doing for the homie family.

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