If there were any questions about Go Go Music, they should have been answered last night as TV One released a two-hour documentary, The Beat Don't Stop. It talked about the introduction and the popularity of Go-Go Music. It was originated by Chuck Brown, who released Bustin Loose, which still turns up the parties on any given day.

However, as the years progressed, we were introduced to Rare Essence, E.U., and DJ Kool. I had the pleasure of taking with DJ Kool on Saturday about the upcoming show. We talked about his rise and start in the business. Check out my interview with the Legendary DJ Kool as he called into The Afternoon Jump Off.

Check out the song that really put him on the map and bridged the gap of Hip Hop and Go-Go. Make sure you check local listings for another chance to check out The Beat Don't Stop, in cased you missed it. Thanks to DJ Kool for calling, and my guy, Nelson, for linking up the interview.

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