While most people are standing firmly on either side of the debate about gun laws and gun restrictions, DJ Paul is pretty much playing the middle.

The hot topic over the weekend has been the March for Our Lives rallies that took place across the country, which were demonstrations put on to bring awareness to gun violence issues. TMZ caught the Three 6 Mafia co-founder at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday (March 24), and got his take on the whole movement.

"They just need to be more safe of who they giving these motherfuckers to," Paul said. "They giving them to people left an right. Like they found out the boy from Florida shouldn't have had a gun. Every time somebody end up killing somebody they find out that person shouldn't have had a gun."

While he agrees there is a need for stricter laws, he does not think assault weapons should be banned. Paul cites an episode of 20/20 he saw over a decade ago where a man predicted the country would fall into ruin in 20 years. That's when the heavy ammunition will come in handy.

"We need assault rifles, 'cause it's some shit that's bout to go down over here," he said. "We got about nine years to go. So they better keep them fucking assault rifles out here 'cause that's going to be all we have to do to protect ourselves"

He added, "I understand what they doing. I get it. But we need those [guns]. We have to protect ourselves. They ain't looking at the bigger picture, yet."

DJ Paul joins Killer Mike as rappers who have recently stood up and defended the need for gun ownership.

Check out DJ Paul's take on the whole gun law debate below.

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