I used to go to record stores religiously and pick up music like crazy. As soon as I received a little money, I was ready to start spending it without hesitation. I remember it was the summer of 1990, and I was visiting the local Sound Shop in Meridian.

I love giving new music and artists a chance, and I came across a cassette from this artist named DJ Quik. To keep it real with you, I had never heard of him before. What prompted me to buy this cassette was the fact that he had a jerri curl and was a DJ. Not long after I bought the tape, I saw his video on YO! MTV Rap and that song was Born and Raised in Compton. However, this was one of my favorite songs from the album with the video below.

This was a summer song and had everyone riding in our local park playing this song. As a matter of fact, the assistant manager of the Sound Shop asked me about the cassette and if I thought it was going to sell. Fast forward, this is one of the biggest albums of his career, so I guess I was on to something.

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