Just about three weeks after entering rehab, the perpetually-troubled DMX is sober. His lawyer Murray Richman said as much to TMZ earlier this week.

According to Richman, X is "back to being human again" after entering a New England rehab facility in late August. Richman says X had reached an unhealthy level of thinness when he entered the rehab facility, but now he's gained 40 pounds.

Ricman says X's rehab program is technically complete, but he wants the rapper to stay an extra 30 days because he's been doing so well with the treatment. X isn't on lockdown, though, and they're actually letting he and a friend take day trips to a nearby town. Sounds like he's getting the help he needs.

It's great to see DMX has, for the moment, conquered his drug addiction, but he's still got some serious legal battles to face in the very near future. This past July, X was hit with tax evasion charges of $1.7 million. X faces up to 44 years in prison if he's convicted on all 14 counts of tax evasion.

Richman says he and X will worry about the rapper's impending court battle when X has completed his rehab program once and for all. He also says X hasn't discounted the possibility of going on tour in the future.

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