Two doctors have gone viral for their stunningly touching performance of John Lennon's "Imagine" hoping to help bring the world some peace amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. I dare you not to feel this.

Dr. Elvis L. Francois and Dr. William Robinson are chief residents in the orthopedic department of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Both men say that "music goes places medicine can't go."

When you watch their Instagram performance of "Image" by John Lennon, you'll believe every letter of every one of those words.

Guys, if this whole medical career doesn't work out, pretty sure a music career would fit you both just fine.

Robinson tells -

The song [is about] hope and having the world coming together as one. In order to beat this thing and self-isolate and quarantine … it’s going to take everybody. And so, the message of that song kind of hit home


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Imagine all the people... —- In life, there are so many things that divide us. Religion, race, politics, social status and many more....But today a global pandemic brings us all together as one. —- Over the next few months our health care system will be tested. Millions of lives will be lost. Health care providers will be under an incredible amount of stress to save thousands of people. But when times are as dark as they are today, nothing shines brighter than the human spirit. —- There is something beautiful about a collective struggle. And the beauty in what we are facing today is that the only way to overcome this pandemic is for us to all come together as one.... —- Nurses, doctors, students, research scientists, politicians, Uber eats drivers, cashiers, factory workers etc.....Getting through this will be hard but one thing is certain...the only way we will get through it is together, as one —- — —- “You might say that I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope some day that you will join us...and the world will live as one....” —- —- —- Full song on IGTV —- —- —- Thankful for my brother @w_a_robinson on the piano — 📸 @kpace1914 — — — Much love to all 7.53 billion people out there, Doctor Elvis —- #covid_19 #healthcareworkers #imagine

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