From a bachelor party feast to eating one more slice before "I do", Domino's has the happy couple covered with their new  wedding registry.

Forget getting the happy couple new pots and pans on their big day, pizza is where it's at. Seriously though, after looking over Domino's registry I can kind of see how buying the bride and groom pizza is a great gift.

I mean, how many times during the first year of marriage do couples order pizza? You get to help take the stress out of the first dinner fail by giving the gift of pizza. Or you can make sure their first low key date night together is taken care of by cover the cost of pizza. It's starting to make sense, right? Pizza is the perfect wedding present!

So, if you know a happy couple that's about to get hitched and you aren't sure what to get them, check out Domino's wedding registry and hook them up with a gift that "fits their love story".


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