2015 is officially the year of the Hart. That would be Kevin Hart of course. He is on the verge of being one of the biggest comedians in the world. He is always premiering in a number one movie, he's preparing to hit the road with a new concert tour and his "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" brings in great ratings for BET. He was recently on the red carpet at the Academy Awards and  ran across CNN Analyst Don Lemon and unless I'm looking at this wrong, it seems Don gave a sly diss to Kevin. Check out the video and see for yourself.

 Don Lemon Throws Shade At Kevin Hart On The Red Carpet:

While I am sure that Don was being funny, whether that remark was called for or not is questionable. While I like some of Don Lemon's commentary, I have my personal feelings on some of the things that he says and the context in the way that he uses certains words. Either way I am sure this is a small (no pun intended) issue to Kevin since he's got big things popping off this year. Check out the trailer of his latest movie with comedian Will Ferrell.

Get Hard Trailer:

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