The nonprofit organization that was at the center of a Twitter war between Kim Kardashian-West and former Kanye West collaborator Rhymefest has announced their official name change.

According to The Fader, the charity will now be known as "Art of Culture Inc." moving forward. In a statement, the nonprofit said it has "received communications of concern from sponsors, foundations, and supporters" after Kanye West's recent "public political statements." Art of Culture Inc. will continue the mission as previously implemented under the name Donda's House, "but will have a new name both to avoid confusion and honor the stated wishes of the West family.”

As we previously reported, Rhymefest inserted himself in the middle of the Pusha T and Drake feud when he asked Drake to donate to the organization after claiming that Kanye West refused to help the organization financially.

Shortly after a back and forth on Twitter with Kardashian-West, it was revealed that the organization is not in good standing with the state of Illinois. Following the spat, Rhymefest tweeted, "Chicago is my home & I will do whatever it takes to move my community forward. I can own up to the delivery of my message not always being in the most professional package but my intentions are & will always be about progressing my people." He also changed his Twitter profile to "I'd rather take 5 yrs to Do 1 Great composition than a mediocre album in 6months." A statement that many believe is a shot at Kanye. Ouch.

Hopefully, everyone will go back to listening to the kids, bro.


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