Lake Charles is full of great food, great times and great friends. But one of the best things about living here is the culture. You have every type of music here from blues, hip hop, gospel, Zydeco and good sounding Jazz. One of the native sons here who really exemplifies that is Mickey Smith.

This man is a two time Grammy nominated artist who really puts on for the city. Not only is he a bad man, but he is really a household name when it comes to events in the city. He is also an advocate for helping out our kids who have a passion and love for music. That is another reason why this weekends event is important for you to attend. The event is called "Sax in the city" and will be held at the Lake Charles civic center this Sunday night October 2nd.

You can purchase tickets for the event through, which have the options of a dinner at 5 or simply tickets for the concert which will begin at 7 pm. Mickey will be performing live and using the benefits to buy new or refurbished instruments for our kids here in Southwest Louisiana. If you want more details about Mickey Smith and his organization Musicmakers2U, then you can click here for all of the information you need.


Mickey Smith Jr-"It's a man's world":

Mickey Smith Jr- "Uptown Funk Acoustic":