More than a decade removed from the day it was announced, Dr. Dre Detox album occupies a space between rap game fable and the project people forgot they were waiting for. Rest assured, though, it exists—just ask super-producer Flying Lotus.

Speaking to Billboard for a story published Monday (May 20), the acclaimed beatsmith reaffirmed the existence of Dre's long-rumored Detox LP while giving a baseline for comparisons to the Compton rapper's other projects.

"It's real, man. It exists," FlyLo offered in an interview that also included a discussion about his working with Kendrick Lamar. When asked if how the unreleased project compared to Dre's previous records, The Chronic and 2001, Lotus offered up a surprising alternative.

"The version I heard is the sequel to Compton," Lotus explained, referencing Dre's 2015 solo album, Compton. "It makes sense after Compton, I think. It makes sense, but I like it better than Compton."

Compton was released alongside the N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton, in August 2015. Dre was inspired by the film, and that same month, he revealed that he was canceling Detox.

While it's still very unclear whether we'll ever hear it, at least it sounds like FlyLo is digging Dre's unreleased album. Here's to hoping the legend drops it off in the future.

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