My skin hasn't been touched yet, but my wife and I have talked about getting tattoos one day. We are still up in the air about what we will want to get, but I am a big fan of having a cross on my left shoulder, but only time will tell.

The world renowned television host Dr. Oz stopped by to talk to The Breakfast Club. While pretty music everyone on the crew has tattoos, Dr. Oz talked about some recent findings that he recently discovered about the ink used for the personal tattoos. Check out the clip below of the discussion.

Dr. Oz Talks To The Breakfast Club About Tattoos:

This is not something that I have thought about, but I can see why it's something that should be considered. This is not a post saying don't get tattoos, but the same way you inquire about the use of new needles. You may want to ask about the type of ink that is being used for the tattoos.


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