Last night (June 26), Drake hosted the NBA's first annual awards show, and just as he did while handling the hosting duties at the 2014 ESPY Awards, he pretty much stole the show. One of the night's funniest moments came in the form of a hilarious Get Out parody with Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry as the focus. Of course, Drizzy played Curry.

In the skit, Curry (Drizzy) is sitting at his crib watching Belly ("DMX, you crazy!") a short time after the Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2017 NBA Finals. Soon, he receives a Facetime call from Draymond Green—hilariously played by Get Out star Lil Rel—who invites him to post-victory festivities.

Just when Curry begins plotting to take to the streets of Oakland, Calif. for the celebration, his wife Ayesha—obviously a fictionalized version—steps in. We'll let you watch the clip to see how it plays out, but if you saw Get Out and remember the sunken place... yeah.

Of course, the Get Out parody was just one part of Drizzy's memorable turn as a show host, which also saw Toronto's favorite son throw shots at just about everyone in attendance, including Draymond, Isaiah Thomas and Kenny Smith. He even threw some shade at himself when he poked fun at his perceived propensity to root for whatever team's the most successful.

"I've said it time and time again. I have two teams. One for my hometown and whoever else is winning at the current time," Drizzy said. He also turned in a dope skit with Will Ferrell.

Check out Drizzy's Get Out sketch and his skit with Ferrell below.

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