Dru Hill represented back in the nineties and has a catalog of songs that many fans remember especially from the ladies point of view. The guys have gone through a few changes, but they are still kicking it and have just released "Christmas In Baltimore"

By popular demands  they have heard the call of the fans and now  they are back. This time around they dropped their first ever Christmas album which is a prelude to a new album dropping in 2018. They stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about group fights and being together for twenty years.

Peep the first video for their first Christmas single called "Favorite Time of Year" with the guys showing that they are still killing the scene.



Dru Hill-"Favorite Time Of Year":

Check out their single which was one of my favorite joints from back in the day.


Dru Hill- "These Are The Times":


Dru Hill- "In My Bed":



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